Chairil dan Sapardi di Pentas Antarabangsa


Like my mother, and my grandmother too,
plus seven generations before them,
I also seek seek admission to Heaven
which the Moslem party and the Mohammedan
Union say has rivers of milk
And thousands of houris all over.

But there's a contemplative voice inside me,
stubbornly mocking: Do you really think
the blue sea will go dry
- and what about the sly temptations
waiting in every port?
Anyway, who can say for sure
that there really are houris there
with voices as rich and husky as Nina's,
with eyes that flirt like Yati's?

(Chairil Anwar)

Who Are You

I am Adam
who ate the apple;
Adam suddenly aware of himself,
startled and ashamed,
I am Adam who realized
good and evil, passing
from one sin to another;
Adam continuously suspicious
of himself,
hiding his face.
I am Adam floundering
in the net of space and time,
with no help from reality:
paradise lost
because of my mistrust
of the Presence.
I am Adam
who heard God say

farewell, Adam.

(Sapardi Djoko Damaono)

Chairil Anwar dan Sapardi ialah dua orang penyair Indonesia yang berjaya masuk ke dalam buku The Ecco Anthology of International Potery. Di manakah penyair Malaysia?


Saya sangat menyenangi Sapardi.

Meski tanpa renda-renda kata, puisinya sangat menusuk hati.

Malaysia juga ada penyair yang bagus. tapi mungkin tak lepas ISO kot :)
Unknown said…
I'm doing an analysis on Latiff Mohidin's poem, "The Old Tiger" and so far, it has not been fruitful. Can you please help me? Your help will be most appreciated, thanks.
Wan Nor Azriq said…
ISO mungkin lepas,tapi dah tak ada pegawai ISO yang datang baca :)
Wan Nor Azriq said…

are you an upm student?just curious.

I'm assuming you reading the translation of the original poem,so we have to go straight to the meaning since we can't discuss the musical aspects of the poem.

on a literal level,latiff's poems are mostly about nature.the conflict of nature with humanity.the destruction of nature as result of urbanization.all his animals,in this case an old tiger,are broken by the power of society (for example,the animals become adds).so,in short,and on a literal level,this poem speaks for a now forgotten world which is nature.

but that is just on a first level.and that is just my interpretation.poetry will mean differently to different people.if you into gender and sexuality,you can take this poem even deeper if you want.
Unknown said…
No, I'm a SPM student. Just reading out of curiosity. My interpretation is that nature is so forgotten that maybe people don't even recognize a tiger when they see one. Is that right?
Wan Nor Azriq said…
yes u are right as well.

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