A Gift for Alice

Wooden Cages

I may be clapping my hands,
but I don't belong to a crowd of clappers.

Neither this nor that, I'm not part
of a group that loves flute music
or one that loves gambling or drinking wine.
Those who live in time, descended
from Adam, made earth and water,
I'm not part of that.

Don't listen to what I say,
as though these words came from an inside
and went out to an outside.

Your faces are very beautiful,
but they are wooden cages.

You had better run from me.
My words are fire.

I have nothing to do with being famous,
or making grand judgment, or feeling
full of shame. I borrow nothing.
I don't want anything from anybody.

I flow through human beings.
Love is my only company.


from Carolyne's Diary:

A: Do you think she will like the poem?

Me: No

A: And why is that?

Me: It's stupid.

A: Can you stop being cynical for once?

Me: You're a pathetic lover.

A: Good. Anything else?

Me: Both of you are pathetic.

A: What are you then? A heartless bitch?

Me: Hahahaha. Yes.

I puff a cloud of smoke into his face.


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