A Letter to a Silent Lover

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Dearest beloved.

Imagine a city without lights.

Imagine a train without passengers.

Imagine a rose without color.

Imagine a library without books.

Imagine a watch without numbers.

Imagine a well without water.

Imagine a dervish in the desert.

Imagine a piano in the sea.

Imagine a fish in a bottle.

Imagine Chuang Tzu's butterfly in the rain.

Imagine a nightingale in a compass.

Imagine Zuleikha in a mirror.

Imagine, my love, imagine.

And you shall find me in your dreams.


Ha.mi said…
for the 'imagine a watch without numbers'part, I think I don't have to imagine on that coz I do have a watch without numbers and if someone ask me for the time, I just do this-" toden, kol bape dah?" ekekeke
Wan Nor Azriq said…
hehe i'm old-fashion,my watch have numbers.tak pe,kita tanya sahaja toden - jam dia memang cool hehe

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