Another Self-Contemplation

I rarely think these days. My greatest fear is existing without knowing I exist. My greatest regret will be dying without knowing I have died.

A very close friend drew a picture of me recently. I am very thankful since it has made me reflect and not reflect regarding my existence.

To Alice, I dedicate the following poem by Fernando Pessoa:

Whether I'm happy or sad? ...
Frankly I don't know.
What does it mean to be sad?
What is happiness good for?

I'm neither happy nor sad.
I don't really know what I am.
I'm just one more soul that exists
And feels what God has ordained.

So then, am I happy or sad?
Thinking never ends well...
For me sadness means
Hardly knowing myself...

But that's what happiness is...


Sarah said…
Alice... in wonderland?

open your heart to feel the happiness. close your heart to feel the sadness. those feeling means, you are exist in this world to write about them :)

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