Still Reading Emily Dickinson

When will I stop reading her? Never I guess. I'm still trying to figure out the meaning of her poems. Her poems are short and morbid, almost like a ghost story (her best poems usually). Yet, she is very original and sounds fresh everytime I read her poems. Whenever I feel down and melancholic (like right now), I read her as a medicine.


Salam, tahniah cerpen di Tunas cipta.
Anonymous said…
You might enjoy becoming a member of the Emily Dickinson International Society. They publish a scholarly journal as well as an informative bulletin, and hold meetings annually that are excellent. Every third year the meeting is outside the US - most recently in Japan, next year in Canada.
Anonymous said…
Wah, cerpen Azriq di Tunas Cipta, ya? Tahniah!
dreameridiot said…
I find Emily Dickinson very hard too. Haven't read her for quite a while, but her poems are indeed very fresh. She has her own unique sensibility and voice that I believe cannot be replicated. A powerful poet.

And oh, based on the previous comment, congrats on the publication of your short story!
Wan Nor Azriq said…
Terima kasih jamilah dan aidil :)

Thanks dreamer idiot,

Yes,her poems are not easy to read.I read her poems everyday for inspiration.

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