Samuel Beckett

Here is Beckett describing the origin of his most famous play Waiting for Godot:

"It all came together between the hand and the page."

The statement is so simple and very illuminating. It is the kind of statement you would expect from a subjective writer like Beckett. To be subjective in writing is harder than to be objective. A subjective writer has to make sure that he creates a very, very interesting character; especially if the character is confessing his story like Humbert Humbert in Lolita or the narrators in Beckett's own novels. Beckett's characters are interesting because they are comical and absurd. Amazingly, as Beckett had said it, the characters "came between the hand and the page."


I do think features of absurdity does play its mark in life.

People say,
'life changes'.
I disagree.

'People change',
yeah, thats the right word.

Life is an individual thing,
don't you think so? ;)
Wan Nor Azriq said…
absurdity is another way intensifying the real world :)

yes,life is how we make it

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