2001: A Cinematic Masterpiece

2001 for me is one of the best movie ever made; transcending beyond the science fiction genre. It is definitely a cinematic masterpiece. The movie was ahead of its time when it fist came out in terms of special effects, production designs, music, and of course the form itself. Science fiction movies before 2001 were crowded with giant monsters and shiny flying saucers. 2001, instead, was a completely different movie; it revolutionized the science fiction genre and also movie making itself. Without 2001, I believe we would never see George Lucas’ Star Wars or Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner. In the end, one must credit the director Stanley Kubrick for creating a sublime space opera and bringing to his audience one of the best cinematic experience.


fadz said…
ya, semestinya 2001 mengubah segalanya dan kini tidak ada berlaku lagi melainkan penuntut FS meraikan hiperbola The Matirx.

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