Beckett & Beckett

"But I shall not dwell upon this journey home, its furies and treacheries. And I shall pass over in silence the fiends in human shape and the phantoms of the dead that tried to prevent me from getting home, in obedience to Youdi's command. But one or two words nevertheless, for my own edification and to prepare my soul to make an end. To begin with my rare thoughts.

Certain questions of a theological nature preoccupied me strangely. As for example.

1. What value is to be attached to the theory that Eve sprang, not from Adam's rib, but from a tumor in the fat of his leg (arse?)?

2. Did the serpent crawl or, as Comestor affirms, walk upright?

3. Did Mary conceive through the ear, as Augustine and Adobard?

4. How much longer are we to hang about waiting for the antichrist?

5. Does it really matter which hand is employed to absterge the podex?

6. What is one to think of the Irish oath sworn by the natives with the right hand on the relics of the saints and the left on the virile member?

7. Does nature observe the sabbath?

8. Is it true that the devils do not feel the pains of hell?

9. The algebraic theology of Craig. What is one to think of this?


14. Might not the beatific vision become a source of boredom, in the long run?"
(Petikan Dari Molloy)

Beckett & Beckett

Jika minda manusia kehilangan kata-kata untuk bersuara, adakah kata-kata itu bersuara, apabila mindanya sentiasa berkata-kata?

Jika sebuah novel memilih untuk tidak menjadi sebuah novel, tetapi masih sebuah novel, adakah ia sebuah novel, apabila ia masih tidak menjadi?

Jika Beckett ialah Molloy, dan Molloy berfikir tentang Molloy yang sebenarnya bukan-Molloy, adakah Molloy itu Molloy, jika Molloy itu sebenarnya bukan Beckett?


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awk hensem dlm berkarya...

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