Writing: A Lonely Business

Writing is a lonely business. Why? Because nobody understands the life of a writer; even those who are close to him/her. I always believe that every writer has some dark secret in his personal dungeon. These secrets are very personal that even if they are shared with other people, only the writer will understand them. It is secret sometimes that drives a writer to a state of curiosity, to a state of depression, to state of anguish, to a state of loneliness, and also to a state of inspiration. However, keeping secrets can isolate a writer. It is like keeping a hot potato in the oven; not wanting to let it out; in the end it boils inside your heart and soul causing the writer to feel lonely.

I myself, personally, am always in a state of loneliness. I enjoy it most of the time because it gives me solitude. But, they will come a day where I will just feel depress because of loneliness. Today is one of those days. Today is the day where everything looks cloudy, dark, and bleak. Today is the day I feel like drowning in a state of phantasm. Is it love or hate that is causing all this bleakness around me? I wish I knew.

I wish I knew why I am so confuse with my state of emotion. I wish they were only limited choice that’s life has to offer. I wish I could be stone cold and quickly make my decision in life. I wish and I WISH!

I wish I would continue to be lonely because that’s who I want to be.

Writing is a lonely business because we have secrets and it is this secret that’s shape our subconscious personality. No one, I mean no one, understands us better than ourselves.

People tend to judge us base on our actions, not on how we really feel about them.


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